Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Team Shootout

Hula hoops - an old toy with plenty
of handy new uses on court
Team Shootout is similar to the Singles Shootout game. I first saw this game in a PTR junior tennis manual. It is best for medium to large groups. Players should be able to rally. Great for all court sizes - 36, 60 or 78. Works for adult socials also.

Divide players into two teams. They do not need to be exactly even. Have two score keeping areas nearby, easily seen by all. You can use hoops or wire hoppers as containers and tennis balls for scorekeepers. Clothespins on the net cord will also work.

Players take turns playing singles. Whoever wins the point places a ball in their hoop/hopper or a clothespin on the net cord for their team. Play to a set number of points or for a set time period.