Friday, May 25, 2012

Singles Shootout

As a native Texan, I have a soft spot in my heart for any activity that smacks of Wild West. I first read about Singles Shootout in a funky little handout containing loads of tennis 'carnival' games.It is a great activity if you have an uber competitive and fairly large group of players, regardless of their age.  Last time I used it was at an adult tennis social and it was a big hit. (Ha. Ha.)

Plus, it's simple - we love simple! Divide the group in half as randomly as possible. See this blog post for some ideas on random group formation. Send one group to each side of the court. Designate one side the Winners side - doesn't matter which. One at a time, they play out a singles point. Winners go to end of Winner line. Losers are out, done, gone, bye-bye, finito. After everyone has played once, take the group of winners, divide them in half again, and repeat. Eventually you will have the last two remaining players playing out their final point, and one will be declared the winner of the Shootout.

This is a very popular spectator sport - even when players are eliminated, they tend to stick around to see who will be the eventual champ. Make sure this moves quickly, especially if you have a large group to begin with.

No serving. Coach may feed first ball or players may bounce feed. If players are self-feeding, alternate sides for feeding.

I like this activity because there is no mercy, no second chance. Bring your A game or go home. It is a refreshing change from the vast number of kinder, gentler 10 and Under activities. Sometimes even my youngest students need a little reality check.