Monday, May 7, 2012

Sharks and Minnows

I have always liked this warm-up. But when I recently described it to my Orange Ball class for the first time, several recognized it by a newer, better name. So the game formerly known as Chain Tag will henceforth be called (on my court, anyway): Sharks and Minnows. I know, right? Just goes to show you can look anywhere for a fun game to adapt to tennis, even under water.

It's your basic game of tag, with a twist. One person is designated 'it' or in this case, a Shark. All others are Minnows. The Shark must chase the Minnows and tag them by touching them. Once others are tagged, they also become Sharks and assist tagging the remaining Minnows. The twist: Sharks must hold hands as they pursue Minnows so that the Minnows know who is a Shark and who is not (it's a little more obvious in the deep blue sea).

Further adapting this game to the tennis court, I require they remain inside the playable area on one half of the court. Last Minnow tagged wins, and is the first Shark in the next round. Thanks to my Orange Ball class for the great suggestion!