Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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Here's another conversion of a popular game to a tennis application. Many players will be familiar with the traditional game, which makes this one easy to learn. Great for any size group and all but the beginner-iest of beginners.

Players pair up facing each other a safe distance apart, racquets in hand. Rather than the gestures for rock, paper and scissors, they will be shadow-swinging a forehand, a backhand, or a volley.

Backhand - beats forehand
Forehand - beats volley
Volley - beats backhand

Players begin in the Ready position. On the count of 3, player makes their shadow swing. Play a little Uptown-Downtown here, with winners moving 'up' the line and losers moving 'down'. In lieu of the beautiful logic that helps us remember who wins the original game, try this: it goes in alphabetical order. Backhand (B) beats Forehand (F) and Forehand (F) beats Volley (V), leaving Volley (V) to cycle through the end of the alphabet and come back to beat Backhand (B).