Inside Out

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
Orlando, FL
That's the great thing about the tennis business:
we always have amazing locales for our meetings
So I'm at a tennis conference and am just getting inundated, bombarded, absolutely slammed with all kinds of great information to take back to the courts with me. Picture lots of uber experienced tennis pros presenting hour after hour of fantastic tips. Picture me madly scribbling notes. Well actually I was mostly typing them into the Notes feature on my iPad unless we were outside and I couldn't see through the glare on the screen or if I was in that one session where that one guy told me the clacking noise on my keyboard was bugging him . . . hey, I like the clacking noise so what can I say? Anyway I get home with this mountain, this Mount Everest of new information and start trying stuff out where the rubber meets the road; that is to say, with my students on the court.

It's funny how something that sounds completely legit in a lecture hall filled with adults absolutely bombs out on the court. Ditto stuff that would sound ridiculous during a lecture is a huge hit with the kids. So I got the idea that what the world needs is another blog.

Okay I am waiting until you stop laughing and hope you have not clicked away by now. This blog will document my efforts to work my way through all of the 10 and Under drills, tips, tricks, etc. found online and elsewhere. I am going to try them all out, a few at a time, with my favorite live audience (my students) and report my findings here to you. What works, what doesn't, the biggest surprises, the biggest letdowns, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Maybe I will help you avoid the stinkers and collect the keepers. Maybe you will do the same for me. But the goal is to put on the absolutely best slam-bang 10U tennis clinics out there. Are you with me?