Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bobsled - Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

A variation of tag team/relay tennis, but if you miss, you sit on the court at the T and dodge any oncoming balls. If you get hit, other team wins. If you play a ball successfully from your seated position, you can get back in line. It is possible that multiple players will be sitting on the court, bobsled style.

I have seen this activity done exactly one time and that was during a workshop demonstration. I got the impression it is popular with the boys high school team set - those who relish horseplay and don't mind getting beaned with a yellow ball from close range. Or if they mind, they don't dare admit it. I have never seen it done live during an actual teaching clinic or camp. My concerns about using it are of course safety-related. Having large solid obstacles (seated players) smack in the middle of the court - hmmmm. Also being in the south, I am concerned the court would be too hot to sit on comfortably. I think the kids might enjoy it, but I would only use foam balls.

Seems to me another safe variation of bobsled would be to motivate teams NOT to hit the seated players by changing the rule so that if a seated player is hit, they get back in line, as opposed to giving a win to the other team. This is already set up somewhat with the rule about allowing players to return to the line if they are able to play any ball from their seated position. But let's face reality - playing a ball from a seated position would be extremely difficult to do for younger players or beginning players of any age.

Am I being too granny about this? Do you use this game? Discuss.