Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Game Over

I found this game in a QuickStart
coaches resource booklet
Here's another activity to build all-court skills in your students. This one encourages quality net play.

Four players play out a normal doubles point - doubles positions, one player serves, regular scoring, etc. First team to four games wins. However: any team, at the appropriate time, may win the game if they both approach the net and one of them hits a winning volley. If this happens, GAME OVER.

It is important that the players learn when to come in. But if they don't know when to come in and you find they are charging the net on every ball just to get the Game Over bonus, no worries. Savvy opponents will gain a new appreciation for the value of the lob at this time, and this is also a very useful lesson.

This activity is also useful played as singles.