Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tri Team Challenge

Tri Team Challenge is a great activity for players of all ages from advanced beginners and up, so I hope you will consider this for a future adult social or league in addition to your junior clinics. I will be using this format as a mini-tournament every 6-8 weeks in place of a regular clinic session. Thanks PTR Kids Tennis Manual for this game.

You will need at least six players. Form teams of three players and number each player 1, 2 or 3. Play three rounds consisting of whatever format works best for your players. For example, if you are using this for young players, play best two out of three 7 point games. For an adult social, consider 4 game short sets.

Round 1: Player 1 plays singles; Player 2 and 3 play doubles.
Round 2: Player 2 plays singles; Player 1 and 3 play doubles.
Round 3: Player 3 plays singles; Player 1 and 2 play doubles.

Record scores for each team based on number of games won. Team with most games won at end of Round 3 wins.