Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fox and Squirrel

Another reason to have lots of
different types of ball on hand
Here's a fun but challenging warm-up activity. Best with at least 3-4 players; more is better. You will need two balls of one type and a third ball of a different type; for example, two orange balls and one foam ball.

Have all players stand in a circle. Designate the single ball as the Squirrel and the two other balls as the Foxes. Players pass the Fox around hand to hand to adjacent players only. Changing direction is allowed. The Squirrel may be tossed to any player. Players call out Fox or Squirrel as they pass the balls, depending on which one they are passing.

Object of the game is to tag the player holding the Squirrel with one or both of the Foxes.

With younger players you might want to break this into two phases. Have them start with Foxes only, without the tagging component. Once they understand how to pass properly, up the stakes by adding the Squirrel.

I found this game on the Central Washington University website.