Friday, August 3, 2012

Team Bounce

Here's a game that combines a warm-up for your ABC's (Agility, Balance, Coordination) with a team-based activity. Great for large groups. I found it in a QuickStart coaches resource booklet.

Place an equal number of cones across the net from each other along the two sidelines of one side of the court. For example 4 cones each across the net from each other along the sideline for a total of 8 cones. 

Divide players into two equal groups and have them form two lines on the opposite sidelines so that each team is across the court from their set of 4 cones.

For each cone, plan an activity to be performed by each team member. For example for the first cone, players must balance a ball on his/her racquet strings across the court, around cone #1 and back. When he/she returns, second player on team does the same around cone #1 until all players on team have completed this task.

In the meantime, player #1 then moves on to cone #2 which would have a different challenge such as dribbling the ball on the court. Cone #3 might be dribbling the ball in the air, and perhaps cone #4 is a self rally (ball bounced up off strings into air, then bounce on ground, and repeat). 

So what you want is a constant stream of players moving back and forth sideline to sideline performing whatever task is required at each cone. Make sure the cones are spread out to allow plenty of room for players moving back and forth. Players must return to sideline opposite cones before beginning new task for new cone. First team to complete all cones successfully wins.

  • fewer cones
  • shorter distance
  • eliminate racquets and have players focus on types of movement (skip, hop, side shuffle) and manipulate ball with hands (bounce, catch, clap) instead
  • more cones
  • increase distance by having cones in middle of court on either side of net and have teams moving from baseline to net rather than sideline to sideline
  • have player put racquet in non-dominant hand