Monday, August 27, 2012

Caught Red Handed

Perfect for this game
Caught Red Handed will test your players' motor skills. Best in groups of 4 or larger.

Players stand in a circle facing forward. One player is designated 'It' and stands in the middle. Players in circle pass a tennis ball around. Player in middle stands with eyes closed and counts aloud '1-2-3'. On the count of 3, he/she may open his/her eyes and try to decide who in the circle has the tennis ball. Naturally the players in the circle know they have to have the ball hidden by the count of three. Ideally all will figure out to put their hands behind their backs, whether they actually have the ball or not.

If the player in the middle guesses correctly, they join the circle and the player who had the ball is now 'It'.

If you suspect the player in the middle is 'peeking', be prepared to play this game with a smaller object such as a golf ball, quarter, marble, etc.  If you are lucky and are a pack rat, you may have one of those tiny tennis balls used as key fobs.