Thursday, November 15, 2012


For this game, I was thinking more of my
Prince Black Team racquet and plenty of sunscreen
Survivor is similar to Singles Shootout with an added component of mercy in the form of additional chances or 'lives'. Perfect for large groups.

Two groups of players are formed. However they are not playing together as teams - every player keeps track of their own points/score individually. 

All players receive a set number of points to begin the game. For this example, let's say 7 points. The two groups are sent to respective baselines. Singles points are played. Losing player loses one of their 7 points. Both players go to the end of their lines after point is played out and next two players repeat.

Players bounce feed. Side losing previous point feeds next point.

Players losing all of their points are out. Last player standing wins.

If you have an even number of players, consider an 'on deck' spot at ONE end of the court to keep the pairings fresh. Any player losing a point must wait at the on deck spot for one point rotation before returning to the playing line.

Have players go to end of line at other end of court after they finish their point for an added fitness component.

Adapted from The Tennis Drill Book by Tina Hoskins