Monday, November 19, 2012

Minute to Win It

There's not a tennis coach out there that hasn't had their students eager to challenge them on the court. Here's a fun way to drop it into the lesson plan every now and then without having it take over the entire lesson. You will need a timekeeping device of some sort.

Coach takes on all comers one at a time either in singles or Australian doubles (2 v 1). If playing Australian, doubles team must keep their balls on the coach's half of the court (including alley). So if coach is playing on deuce side, all of challengers' balls must land in deuce half of court. Challengers have one minute to prevail against the coach. That's it. Whatever the score is at the end of one minute, that's it, game over.

No stalling! 20 second rule max between points strictly enforced.

Hint: if you have a loud alarm on your phone (I use the one that sounds like a nuclear device meltdown), or an egg timer or something similar, this greatly adds to the fun.

This also works great in an open challenge format with player vs. player to wind down the clinic.