Monday, November 12, 2012

Pizza Serve

This activity will help young players visualize the three major targets within the service box. Envision the service box containing half a pizza (three slices) of pizza, pointy ends toward net. Throw down lines will be handy if you want to take the time to actually form some 'slices' in the service box. If not, just use your imagination.

Place a spot or cone in the center of each 'slice' representing the pepperoni or topping of your choice. Assign each slice a number, or have each cone/spot a different color. One should be out wide; one in the middle or 'to the body'; and the third down the T. Players take turns trying to serve to one of the three targets.

Too hard? Have players toss ball to target before attempting to serve.
Too easy? Have players call their shot first, then try to make the target they themselves have called.

Add a point competition, team or individual. Some point play options:
  • One point for any serve cross court and in the correct service box; zero points for any serve over the net but not in correct box; minus one for any serve in the net
  • Isolate one of the three slices; points awarded only if that slice is hit
Adapted from The Tennis Drill Book by Tina Hoskins