Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two On One

Be thankful you are not
facing these two in this drill
Two On One is a demanding activity, perfect for odd numbers of players. It's a simple concept with many potential variations.

Two players set up at the net. A third player is at the baseline across the net from them. One of the net players feeds the first ball cooperatively to the baseline player and they play out the point. Net players must cover their entire court; baseline player is only responsible for the singles court (no alleys).

This can be very frustrating and tiring for the baseline player, so my recommendation is a quick rotation after 3-5 points. The baseline player should be focused on not giving the net team much, if anything, to work with. The net players should be focused on putting the ball away whenever possible.


  • Reduce the options for the players, such as no lobs or all forehands.
  • Make it a cooperative activity similar to a league warm-up - net players must return all balls playable to baseline player so he/she can work on passing shots/lobs.