Thursday, September 13, 2012


I'll take the slice on the deuce side please
Thanks Aaron Fox for this simple but versatile and effective drill, presented at the February 2012 PTR Symposium in Orlando. The object of Slash is to improve directional consistency, so it is for advanced beginners and up.

Divide the courts into halves. Singles play is confined to those halves. First player to 11 points wins.

Divide court in half front to back.
Divide court in half deuce/ad.
Divide court in half diagonally.

Note this simple drill can easily consume an entire teaching hour or more if you play first to 11, best 2 of 3 for each variation. Or, develop a series of lessons progressing from each 'slash' or division of the court. IMO the way they are listed above is also the progression of easiest to hardest.