Friday, September 28, 2012

3 of a Kind

Here's a great activity to promote consistency and building on momentum. It's another selection from Aaron Fox's presentation 10 Games for 10 and Under Tennis at the 2012 PTR Symposium. BTW have you penciled in May 2013 for the next symposium? It will be at Hilton Head.

3 of a Kind is my favorite kind of drill. It is simple and effective, good for all levels, good for any size group, no special equipment required. The objective is to win 3 points in a row. To emphasize the importance of building momentum, one team will always have a score of 0 because whenever one team earns a point, the other team goes back to zero.


  • are endless. Combine this scoring strategy with just about any other drill you find in this blog or elsewhere.
  • Can be played with only two players playing singles or two large teams rotating players after every point.
  • Works great for doubles also.
  • Coach fed or player bounce feeds to start point. Hint: when I have players feeding, I usually let the team who just lost the last point start the next point.

Easier - slower balls, smaller courts, or lose the racquets completely and have players tossing and catching instead.
Harder - designate type of balls hit (short, deep, cross court, volley, forehand, backhand, etc.)