Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rush N Crush

Rush N Crush is a tennis evergreen. As a doubles player and ever so fond of the net, I can't believe I have taken so long to include this drill.

Four players at a time, two on each baseline. Coach feeds in a short ball. All four players rush in and play out the point. After point ends, all four rotate out and two new doubles teams play next point.


  • Let the winners stay and only rotate the non-winning team.
  • Designate a winning side and have the winning team run to that side at the end of the point. 
  • Have both teams run to opposite baseline after each point, regardless if they win or lose the point.
  • Convert to a singles activity by having players play singles cross-court one on one. Players are still lined up on both halves of the court; they just play one at a time rather than as a doubles team. Coach feeds first ball quickly. Deuce to deuce plays out point; then coach feeds ad side players and they play out their point. Quick feeds and rotations to keep things moving.