Monday, September 10, 2012

Stuff It

I saw this relay game in a booklet designed by Jason Jamison for carnivals and other large events. I have modified it slightly. You will need some tennis balls, two containers and enough players for two teams of 2 or more players each.

Stuffing shirts is less awkward
when it is your own shirt
Each team selects a Stuffer and sends them to the opposite side of the court with an empty container of your choice.* An empty ball hopper works fine. The rest of the team stays at their baseline. When coach says Go!, each team has 60 seconds to bounce feed balls to their Stuffer, who must retrieve them and put them in the hopper. Players take turns hitting one ball over the net one at a time. Whichever team has the most balls in their hopper at the end of the 60 seconds wins.

So this activity encourages getting the ball over the net and sending it to a target. Variation: have teams serving cross-court to their Stuffer.

In the original game the Stuffer was stuffing a t-shirt or jacket, presumably worn by another team member. By changing this to a hopper we have no one standing around getting stuffed <g> and no awkwardness about stuffing someone else's clothing with tennis balls.

*Having difficulty selecting a Stuffer? Try Fing Fong Fooey.