Friday, September 14, 2012

One Third-Two Thirds

If you want to get really tricky
and you have lots of throw down lines
try dividing the court like this
While we are on the topic of dividing the court, here's another drill from Aaron Fox. Rather than dividing it into halves as in Slash, try dividing it into thirds. Aaron suggests dividing it vertically but I think it would work horizontally as well. One player is allowed to hit into two of the opponent's thirds; the other player may only hit into one of the opponent's thirds. Throw down lines or cones will be useful for this activity.

Coach chooses who hits into 1/3 and who hits into 2/3
Each player chooses their own 1/3
Each player chooses for his/her opponent which 1/3

Too difficult? Have both players hitting into 2/3 of the court.
Too easy? Have both players hitting into only 1/3 of the court.