Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Favorite New Training Aid

A few months ago I picked up a set of these pop-up mesh baskets at a local consignment shop, thinking they might come in handy on the court for something. Oh how I wish I had not let several months go by before using them - they are awesome! I used them recently for two different clinics with kids of different ages and they worked great. The set I found came in different colors and sizes, so they were perfect for targets. The kids are absolutely delighted when one of their balls bounces in, and stays in! They are spring form so they compress nicely for very efficient storage. They are also very lightweight - one of my intrepid 4 year old students found them useful as well as entertaining for ball pickup. And the entire set only cost me $2 so shazzam! Start checking those thrift shops and if you don't get lucky like I did, you can find them here but they will be more than $2!