Monday, June 4, 2012

Butts and Elbows

Notice his "Uh-oh!" face
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Butts and Elbows is a great activity for older junior players, advanced beginner and up. I even like it for adult clinics, especially Cardio Tennis. Yeah, get ready to run!

Two players start at net. I like to have them actually touching the net with their racquets to make it a little more challenging. Two other players are across the net at the baseline. Coach feeds a lob over the heads of the net players. They run it down and play out the point. Here's the trick of it: when the baseline players see the 'butts and elbows' of the net players as they are running down the lob, that is their cue to run in as they play out the point. Repeat by alternating which side is running down the lob.

So in addition to emphasizing the timing and communication needed to effectively run down the lob, Butts and Elbows helps the baseline players recognize a prime opportunity to close in on the net. And of course the name will get plenty of giggles from your junior students.