Friday, June 15, 2012

Stack 'Em

Attention summer camp coaches: stash this activity away for later in camp when you have run dry of original game ideas. Remember those empty tennis ball cans you saved for your Tennis Bowling game? You will need them for Stack 'Em, too. How many is up to you, as long as you have an equal amount for both teams. Minimum 3 cans each team. To make stacking them easier, place a tennis ball in each can. Hope you still have the lids!

Teams play any format you desire: singles, doubles, relay tennis, cross court, etc. Team that wins the point gets one can to start their stack. Play continues and teams compete to see who gets the most cans and builds the highest stack. First team to stack all of their allotted cans, wins.

Stack can be built anywhere on the court. Light bulb should be going on for you here. If you are working on specific shots or strategies, integrate into your Stack 'Em game. For example if you are working on keeping rally balls in the middle of the court, designate the T as your official stack location. If you are feeling really daring, let the kids decide where they want to build their stack.

Knocking down the other team's stack is allowed and encouraged. If stack is knocked down, too bad, so sad - other team has to start over. So this game really shines as a timed activity. Consider using it at the end of  a segment/day/week. Expect to have trouble getting them to stop playing.