Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Leave your opponent hanging!
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This game is for intermediate and higher level players as it requires a certain level of control. Two players play out singles points. They must stay within the boundaries of the singles court.  Yes this includes inside the baseline! The object of Cliffhanger is to move the opponent around on the court so that he/she must step outside the boundaries of the singles court to play the ball. Points are awarded as usual in singles, one point per opponent's error. However if one player succeeds in pulling the other player off the court by virtue of his/her ball placement, 5 points are awarded. These points are awarded to the player luring their opponent off-court, even if opponent returns ball in play.

If players have sufficient control to move the ball around on the court, this activity will highlight the advantages to be gained by forcing your opponent out of their comfort zone. Let's say one player hits a nice cross court forehand deep. IF the opponent is able to abide by the rules and stay within court boundaries to hit the return shot, chances are good it will be a lousy shot due to the contortion required to hit the shot from a less than optimal position (forced by them having to stay within court boundaries).

Play to a predetermined number of points, or for a set time period. Easily converted to a team activity.