Friday, June 1, 2012

Court Defender

Greatest Court Defender
 of All Time?
This game is from Web Tennis Drills. It requires two courts and at least six players.

  • Divide players into two teams. 
  • Each team selects one player as their Court Defender. 
  • Each Court Defender is then sent to play against the opposing team. They face each member of the opposition in singles, who are rotating through one point at a time. 
  • Points are only awarded to the Court Defender. The opposing team's job is to prevent the Court Defender from winning any points. 
  • First Court Defender to win 7 points wins one game for their team. A new Court Defender is then selected from both teams and play continues until one team has one 10 games.

I have not used this activity yet. I like the concept. My concern is that with very large groups there may be too much down time for the waiting players. Ideally you would have enough courts available to keep the waiting players' groups small, say 4 or fewer.

Update: I think I misunderstood how this works - there should be no 'waiting' players. Teams alternate playing against the Defenders, so everyone is playing. So for example Team A's Defender takes on Team B player (anyone but Defender B). Point ends. Then Team B's Defender plays someone from Team A (anyone but Defender A). So players are waiting briefly as each point is played out, but are not waiting the entire 7 point series.