Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Racquets

Professor Don Mueller and his two racquet technique
I saw this mentioned on a LinkedIn tennis discussion group and thought it would be fun for my summer campers. It was! I used it as a segment wrap-up - you know, just before a break when the kids are ready for something fun after working hard on serious stuff. The kids were ages 7 and up, beginners to advanced beginners. We used junior racquets and orange balls, but because I wanted them to have plenty of space for safety reasons, we used the full 78-foot court. This activity can be done with 2-4 players per side per court; no more than that for safety reasons IMO.

Since each player had their hands full with two racquets, I fed the first ball from the net post. We played Champs and Chumps, the version where the chumps must win best 2 of 3 points to become the new champs. It was a good giggle, worth a try if you have enough racquets. If you don't have enough, players can play singles and share/rotate.