Friday, July 27, 2012

Team Serving

Kids serving it up at a USTA camp offered by
Battle Creek Tennis Association
Team Serving is similar to the Keep It Deep activity in that there are targets set up in the service box across the net. However, in Team Serving, points are accumulated as a team rather than individually. I saw this variation in a QuickStart Coaches Resource booklet.

Create two teams per court. Each player is given three balls. One point awarded for every target hit. Points are combined to come up with a team total.

Here are some progression ideas.
Easiest: entire service box is your target - just get the ball over the net and into the correct service box.
Harder: allow only one serve per player. Or, have them 'call' their target before they serve.

A note about using cones as targets: I use the cones as a visual but the actual target is more of a zone. For example a cone at the 'T' is actually part of a zone consisting of the rectangle or square along the dividing line of the service box. Unless my players are very high level and the cones are very large I don't expect them to hit the cone, but I do expect them to aim for/hit the zone (down the middle, in the body, or out wide). If anyone actually does hit a cone, instant winner! Game or round is over.