Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tag You're It!

Tag, you're it!
Tag is the Gumby of children's playground games. Its flexibility is second to none. You can change it up lots of different ways to make it fit whatever activity you need, tennis or non. Plus, what kid doesn't love a game where there is plenty of running? Here's a couple of easy ways to use Tag to warm up your tennis class.

One player is designated It. This player is charged with tagging as many other players as possible within a given time limit and within set boundaries. Players may not leave boundaries to escape tag. Tennis courts are perfect for this thanks to all the lines.


  • Tagged players must freeze
  • Tagged players are now also It and help tag others
  • Free players may un-freeze tagged players
  • Restrict movement gradually as the rounds of Tag progress: first round is entire half of court. Second round is area between baseline and service line. Third round is service box. Last round is alley. 
  • Or, start small and end big
  • Restrict movement to specific footwork such as sidesteps
  • Have It tag the others by carrying a tennis ball and gently touching them with it
  • Have all players balance a ball on their racquet while playing
  • Have all players dribbling a ball with racquet while playing