Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Son of 7-11

Not sure who is challenged more in this game,
the players or the coach!
Here's another version of 7-11 as promised. It is a little more complicated than the serve/return version but is equally valuable in teaching the concepts of attacking and defending. In this version, the defending team must win 11 points before the attacking team wins 7. Thanks Aaron Fox for including this game in his presentation at the 2012 PTR symposium in Orlando.

Set up two teams, either singles or doubles. Designate which is the attacking team and which is defending. Both begin play at baseline. Coach feeds first ball. Aaron's instructions do not indicate which team is fed, just that first ball must be a baseline feed. As you read the instructions I think you will agree with me the attacking team is always getting fed in this game.

Remember, the object of this game is for the defending team to win 11 points before the attacking team wins 7. Here's the kicker: the defending team earns points one for one. Every point they win on court, they earn a point in the game. However the attacking team is scored differently: they must earn THREE points in a row on the court to earn ONE point in the game.

  • Keep in mind first fed ball is to baseline. 
  • If attacking team wins this point, second fed ball is a volley
  • If attacking team wins this second point in a row, third fed ball is an overhead. If attacking team wins all three in sequence (baseline, volley, overhead) they earn ONE point. 

As if this weren't complicated enough, there's more. If the third point won by the attacking team is won on an overhead winner, the defending team goes back to ZERO.