Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Ball Singles

Feed nice or this could get Messi
10 Ball is an exercise in consistency as well as the Golden Rule. As ye feed, so shall ye receive!

Divide players into two groups. One group is feeding; the other is playing out the point. The object is for each player in the playing group to attain 10 consecutive rallies. Playing singles, first two players begin on baseline. Feeder may feed ball anywhere in court. Player gets one point for every ball hit in play and minus points for any misses. Once one of the playing players has achieved the 10 ball goal, players switch roles and the Feeders are now the Players.

If you have enough courts, two players per court can play this as singles. If you don't have room, use one court and rotate players in each group every point.


  • Coach is feeder; players take turns receiving/playing the fed ball and racking up their points. First to 10 wins.
  • Sharpen specific strokes by only awarding points for featured stroke - forehand, backhand, lob, volley, etc.