Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clean Lean

Note Dementieva's feet are lined up on the
baseline, creating the open stance
I found this drill by coach Mike Metz at a website called PlaySportsTV. I did give it a new name as it didn't really have a catchy name, so there ya go. I like that is in two parts, providing a simple progression that should lead to mastery of an open stance forehand. We have used the first part as a warm-up activity (Stretch Catch).

Player faces coach or partner. Coach/partner tosses easy underhand ball to player's forehand. Player leans/lunges to that side while still facing forward to catch the ball with dominant hand. After several successful catches coach may toss multiple balls to challenge player's catching ability.

When player demonstrates mastery of the lean/catch, add racquet. Player should demonstrate a smooth medium open stance forehand with the same lean/sideways lunging motion - while still facing forward - that they used when catching the ball.