Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sharks and Fishes

Sharks and Fishes is a variation of Jail Break/Dogpound, with players earning the right to continue hitting by hitting well. I first saw this game described in a TennisPro magazine article by Patricia Egart.

All players begin as Fish in alley or on sideline across net from coach. Coach tosses ball toward T for first player in line to run and hit. If ball lands across net in playable area, player remains a Fish and returns to sideline and it is the next player's turn. If any player misses two balls, they become a Shark and run to the other side of the net where the coach is. They can become a Fish again by catching any ball hit over the net by a Fish. If they catch a Fish's ball, that Fish becomes a Shark.

As with Jail Break, for younger players I allow balls to be caught in air or after one bounce.