Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tag Team Tiebreak

You will need 4 players per court for Tag Team Tiebreak. Pair them up into teams of two (players 1 and 2 vs. players 3 and 4).

Player 1 plays Player 3 for two points, with each player serving one point each. Then Player 2 faces Player 4 for two points. Play continues until a 7 point tiebreaker is completed. A second tiebreaker is then played, with the players alternating their opponents. For example, Player 1 now faces Player 4 and Player 2 faces Player 3. Players switch ends after every 4 points so that each serves from alternate end every time it is their turn.

If the teams split breakers, players spin racquets to see which pairings will be played for the final tiebreaker. Suggestion: have Player 1 and Player 3 spin racquets. If they match (both 'up' or both 'down'), they will face each other in the final breaker. If they do not match, Player 1 will face Player 4 in the final breaker.

Adapted from When Can I Play Again, www.evolve9.com