Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shark Tank

I think this is my third tennis activity with 'shark' in the title. My students love anything to do with sharks. Probably because my shark activities occur two hours from the nearest ocean.

I love Jaws but I still won't swim in an ocean
Shark Tank is a variation of Tag. Best with 3 or more players. Coach designates the area that will be the Tank such as the back court, service court, or any well-marked space. Coach selects one player to be the Shark. Shark tries to tag as many players as possible. When a player is tagged, they must exit the Tank, perform two jumping jacks, then rejoin the Tank.

Coach should rotate who is the Shark frequently.

Coach can designate what type of movement can be done inside the Tank - walk, skip, march, hop, etc.

Adapted from USTA's Learn To Rally and Play