Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Escape

Escapes are popular on screen and on court
Great Escape is a variation of the Jail Break or Dog Pound type of game. The object is to stay on one side of the net by not making any hitting mistakes.

Players are on one end of court. Coach is across net tossing balls. One at a time, players attempt to hit the balls over the net and in play. If they succeed, they go to the end of their line. If they miss, they run over to Coach's side of court. Any player catching a ball after one bounce may return to the hitting line, and whichever player's ball was caught must go to Coach's side.

Here's where it differs from those other two games: If any player on Coach's side of court catches any ball out of the air, ALL players on Coach's side are free and may return to the hitting line. Last player to hit safely (without being caught) wins.

Adapted from USTA's Learn To Rally And Play booklet