Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Speed Racer

A blast from the past. Did any of you watch
the original, or was it before your time?
Speed Racer is a good format for large groups of just about any level. Ideally you will have enough courts for all players to be playing at once. If not, have some players lined up ready to go in.

Divide players into two fairly evenly matched teams. Send players out to play singles against each other. If you have too many players for the number of courts, some can be waiting to go in at the next round. Whenever a court finishes their game, they call out 'Done' or 'Stop' or whatever you have agreed upon beforehand. All players must stop. Whoever is ahead, whether game is complete or not, wins a point for their team. If they are tied, one additional point is played to determine the winner.

If you have enough courts for all players to be on court at the same time, try an Uptown, Downtown rotation. If you have players waiting, feed them into the lower court and everyone else moves up a court, then back into line after they finish play at the highest court.

Team with the most points at the end of this activity wins.

Variation: easily played as doubles if you are short on courts.

Adapted from When Can I Play Again,