Friday, April 6, 2012

Racquet Grab

This warm-up is a great icebreaker for the first day of a new session or camp. Unlike some warm-ups, they will need their racquets for this activity.

  • Have the kids form a tight circle with everyone facing into the center.  
  • Have them hold the racquets head down touching the court and held upright by the handle. Usually only one finger on the butt cap is all that is required to hold the racquet vertical. 
  • Explain which direction they will be moving - your choice, to the right or to the left. Make sure everyone knows which is right and which is left. 
  • On your command (I usually just say 'Go!'), they are to move one spot in that direction and keep their neighbor's racquet vertical. They do not move their own racquet - racquet stays in place and therefore must be caught before it falls when people rotate one position left or right. This requires a light touch and quick feet. 
  • After they have done this successfully a few times, have them change direction.

After they have mastered both directions, after each round have them take a step back, enlarging the circle.

Whoever drops their racquet is eliminated. Last one standing is the winner.