Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ball Toss

This is a simple but useful three progression warmup. All you will need is some tennis balls.

Partners start a few feet apart in the open court, tossing ball underhand to each other. One bounce, then catch. Work on controlling the toss and keeping the body in front of the ball. You want them to catch it with both hands in the center of the body so that they are repositioning themselves relative to the ball. This translates well into setting up/preparing to hit. For younger players, it helps reinforce the 'one bounce' principle they will need when they start to rally and play.


  • Add a target on the ground such as a hula hoop or a spot for them to aim their toss/bounce
  • Have partners take a step back after each successful catch. If you have enough pairs, last team making successful catches wins.


  • Add a barrier between partners - move to net and toss must now go over net before first bounce.
  • Toss while side shuffling across court facing each other across net.
  • Perform same series using racquet to feed ball rather than tossing underhand.