Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All For One . . .

If your brain didn't already drop 'and one for all!' then what can I say - you are probably too young to know about the Three Musketeers. This is a quick visual aid for learning a nice throwing motion for the serve. Blatantly ripped off from the amazing Sophie Woorons-Johnston at a PTR Certification in 2011.

Just kidding - this is what I meant
and why are there always four 'three musketeers'??
Have the students stand facing each other in a circle. They should be far enough apart that when racquets are pointed across circle, the tips or heads of the racquets may touch or slightly overlap. Begin with racquets outstretched pointing across the circle. If everyone is doing this, all racquets should be in center of circle. On your cue, all say, "All for one!" and raise the racquets behind their heads as if cocking to hit a serve. On your second cue, all say, "and one for all!" and the racquets reach out in front, slightly tapping at what would be a good contact point on serve. That is, arm fully outstretched, out in front.

Caution: explain clearly and do a couple of slow demos so that racquets are not banging around dangerously on the second motion.