Monday, September 30, 2013

Set at the Net

This drill is from an article in TennisPro magazine by Jorge Capestany, PTR and USPTA Master Professional. I have been fortunate to attend a few of Jorge's presentations at PTR conferences. He knows a ton of great drills and I have included many of them in previous posts.

One player is at the net, playing against two players at the baseline. Coach is also at the baseline safely tucked out of the way, feeding the first ball to net player. Players play out the point, complete a set, and rotate a different player over to the net. This is a great way to work on fitness as well as net play.


  • If you have more than 3 players in clinic, run multiple courts with extra players who are not in the game (yet) feeding from behind the baseline. 
  • Full set too long? Try a short set, pro set, or tiebreaker format.
  • Only 2 students or small group semi-private? Coach plays in.