Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Caterpillar Riot

I love everything about this game, including the name! Good for large groups of any ability, probably
better for the younger set as it has a definite 'silly' factor. You will need some props including hoops and 'treasure'. The treasure can be any items that can be easily picked up and carried by the players. Tennis balls are perfect for this.

Divide players into two teams. Each player should have a hoop to stand in. Hoops should be touching. Teams compete to move around the court, collecting treasure. Teams move as follows: last player in hoop line steps into hoop with player in front of him. He then passes his empty hoop forward to first player in line, who places hoop on ground and steps into it. Then all players move forward one hoop.

Team collecting the most treasure either in a given time period or when all treasure has been collected, is the winner.

If you don't have hoops available, use spots. Players must stand on spots/cannot leave spots to move to or collect treasure.

Adapted from