Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nod and Go

Nod and Go is another variation on circle activities, good for large groups of any ability. You will need some throw-down spots, enough for one each player.

Players form a large circle with one player in the middle. Place a spot next to each player in the outer circle. Explain there is no running in this game, only walking for safety purposes. Players change places with each other by first indicating with a nod that they agree to exchange places. Player in the middle is looking for an opportunity to walk over and take any empty spot. Since there is one fewer spot than the number of players, there should always be one player without a spot/in the middle.


  • Players communicate using methods other than nods such as wink, clap, pat leg, etc.
  • Remove more spots so that more players are in the middle at the same time.
Adapted from ThePhysicalEducator.com