Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Great Divide

Put all those extra giveaway bean bag
balls in your tennis cart bag of tricks
You have probably played this game with water balloons. It's still fun with a tennis twist, and not so messy! Perfect for young beginners. You will need koosh balls or bean bags or hacky balls - anything that can be tossed easily but will not roll.

Pair players up. Each pair has one koosh/bean bag. One player puts the koosh on their racquet and tips it to the other player's racquet. If they tip it successfully without a drop, they each take a step apart and repeat. Soon they will be far enough apart that they will need to toss the koosh rather than just tip it onto the strings. Whichever pair successfully tosses/catches the farthest distance is the winner.

Adapted from USTA's QuickStart Guide handbook.