Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catch This!

Living on a lake, I actually own one of these
This is a catching drill cleverly disguised as silly fun with silly objects.  Players will need a variety of items with which to catch balls. The key is preparation - bring lots of odd items to court with you for this activity. Build the drama by stuffing all the catching tools into one container, to be revealed just before play.

Some ideas for potential catching tools - the crazier, the better!

  • cones
  • shopping bags
  • gift bags
  • back packs
  • purses
  • hats - the crazier, the better!
  • towels
  • tennis bags
  • empty cardboard boxes
  • nets - fishing, butterfly, hair, vegetable
  • pots/pans, colanders, strainers, Tupperware, other kitchen items
  • Christmas stockings

They can also contribute their own ideas for things to use - shirt, hood, hat, etc. Once everyone has a catching tool, Coach just tosses balls and they try to catch them with their catching tool of choice. You will probably need to have several rounds so they can rotate catching tools. First to three points wins, for example. Take lots of pictures - this should be a hoot.

Play with a partner, taking turns tossing underhand. First team to X points wins.

Adapted from Growing Kids, Growing the Game by Mike Barrell