Monday, February 11, 2013

Juggle Rally

These NYC area players look ready to rally!
Juggle Rally combines the self rally with a partner rally for a natural transition to regular tennis rallying. Player should be able to self rally.

Pair players up. One of the pair self-rallies a certain number of times. How many times this is can be set by the coach or determined by some other fun method such as rolling a dice, picking a playing card, etc. After the player completes their number of self rallies, they bump it to their partner (a true rally) and the partner repeats the process.

Easiest - low number for self rally, no net between partners
Harder - increase number of rallies; add net as barrier between partners. For even more of a challenge, shrink the court and have them play only in a service box or only in an alley.

Adapted from USTA's QuickStart Tennis guide