Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tea and Biscuits

This game is delicious
Tea and Biscuits is a variation of the court champ games. By changing the starting position of the challengers, it adds a fitness component.

One player is designated as the first champ, or the 'tea'. All others are the 'biscuits'. Tea takes up position at one baseline. Biscuits are lined up in single file near opposite service line sideline. Coach is on same side of court as Tea, feeding balls across net to Biscuits.

To begin point, a Biscuit enters the court at the T, then hustles to the baseline where the coach then feeds the first ball. Players play out a singles point. If Tea wins, new Biscuit enters at the T and moves to baseline. If Biscuit wins point, Biscuit runs to opposite baseline as the new Tea, and next Biscuit in line proceeds to T for next point. First player to win X amount of points wins game.

Safety tip: this is a great opportunity to reinforce the safe ways to move backwards from the service line to the baseline: carioca, grapevine, side shuffle, etc.

Adapted from The Tennis Drill Book by Tina Hoskins