Monday, December 17, 2012


Miss three and: SEE YA!
OUT is another variation of Tag Team Tennis aka Relay Tennis. Great for just about any ability level, large groups, odd numbers.

Divide players into two teams. They play singles against each other, one player at a time, one ball at a time. So for example, with Team A vs Team B, the first player of Team A is fed a ball. He/she hits the ball across the net and runs to the end of his/her line so that the second player can step in and play the ball returned by Team B's first player. So all players 'hit and run', as I like to tell my students.

Here's the twist: if a player misses, they get a letter. First time: letter O. Second time: letter U. And you can probably see where this is going: if a player gets the third letter, T, they are O-U-T and sit out while the game continues. Last player left standing wins.