Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fruit Salad 2

Fruit Salad markers set up on a 36-foot court.
Works well for beginners of any age.
Love it when a student brings me a new idea for an on-court activity. Thanks, Zeb! Zeb requested we
play this game yesterday. He didn't know the name so I am calling it Fruit Salad. It's good for beginners on up. You will need some way to mark the sidelines for player advancement.

Players begin at baseline. We had a small group yesterday so all were on baseline at the same time. Each player tells Coach their favorite fruit. Everyone must have a different favorite. Coach then calls out the fruit and feeds a ball. That player must hit the ball successfully into play. If they do, they advance one position forward. First player to make it to closest position to net and hit successful volley, wins.

If players miss their shots, they go back a position. Baseline is deepest position so missing from there just means you stay there until you hit successfully.

Safety first: spread your players out so that if they become too staggered, no one is in danger of being hit from behind.