Sunday, April 7, 2013


If you are looking for something a little crazy, a little different to spice up your tennis clinic, how about
having one session that focuses on the 'tweener'? Your older students are probably trying to figure out  how to do this shot on their own anyway. Why not help them out?

A tweener is a sort of trick shot where you hit the ball between your legs while your back is to the net. Sounds crazy but it is really fun to see and do. This video from the Tennis Vault gives you the key ingredient to hitting a successful tweener: waiting until the ball is very low, almost to the second bounce. Make sure your players follow Coach Kyril's advice and move their legs in such a way that they do not hit themselves on the follow through.

Make it a competition: who can hit 7 successful tweeners (from their own dead ball feed) first? Then add a moonball/lob component so that they can learn to run it down and hit it. Safety first, but with a little planning, this lesson can be a big hit with your junior players.