Monday, April 8, 2013

Pac Man

It's easy to see why Pac Man is a
natural fit with tennis
Pac Man is a great warm-up for your youngest students. Only problem is, they may be too young to remember the original Pac Man game and may not get the connection. Either way they will have fun with this.

Pac Man is basically a game of Tag. One player is designated Pac Man. All players begin somewhere on lines of the court and must stay on the lines throughout the game. The net counts as a line, so players may run along the net as well as along the other lines of the court. Pac Man pursues other players with his/her arms extended out in front and clapping vertically (if you are a Florida Gators fan, same motion you do for your chomps). As Pac Man tags other players, they are also now Pac Men and run around with the chomping arms tagging others. Last player to be tagged wins.

Here's a video demonstrating the game at about 0:47.

UPDATE: I tried Pac Man with two different Red Ball classes recently and all but one knew what Pac Man was. Plus, they enjoyed the activity tremendously. Win-win!